Dubliners Walking in Memphis

Dubliner Walking in Memphis "Lily"

        E. Jonola Dr.Dolittle
U. Kamrino Made Femma Fatal


Lily,  är  mitt lilla charmtroll.
Hon är en livsnjutare i varje millimeter av sin kropp, det finns absolut inget som hon inte kan tänka dig att göra, hon ställer upp på ALLT.

Hon är absolut en av de charmigaste settrar jag haft , hon tillhör dem som mognar långsamt, men nu börjar bli lite balans i hennes kropp, jag har dock för länge sen förstått att det kommer nog alltid att vara fart och fläkt runt Lily, hon bara är sån!
Vilket gör henne till den otroligt charmiga, roliga, tröttsamma älskade Lily som förgyller varje dag av vårt liv med dina påhitt och upptåg.
Hon älskar att stå i centrum! 
Älskar därmed att stå i en utställningsring, hennes svans går oavbrutet från det vi kommer till utställningen till dess vi åker hem.
Det är också på utställningar du verkligen verkar koppla av,  ju mer liv och rörelse det är runt dig desto bättre trivs du.
När vi varit på utställning så har domaren sagt- how lovely with a happy dog, en  del av dem har haft svårt att få tag på din svans när de ska titta närmare på dig och så fort de släpper den viftar du med den igen.
Det är bara så du är, alltid glad och lycklig.
Love you!

Lily is now pregnant and is mum about w 15th
She is paired with Fire Dragon Scooby-Doo a Devil Boy "Blue" look at puppies.
Lily's puppies will be a bit of a nostalgic trip for me, when my eye Rossi's sister is behind Blue also my beautiful Mandos dad is behind the Blue and Lily herself is also possible she's back on my Rossi.

In this litter is the bloodlines that I know well and have good experience and that has given many healthy, beautiful setters.

Lily, my little charmer.
She is a lover of life in every inch of her body, there is absolutely nothing that she can not imagine yourself doing, she makes up for everything.

She is absolutely one of the most charming setters I had, she belongs to those who mature slowly, but now it's getting some balance in her body, I have long since understood that there will probably always be the speed and excitement around Lily, she just
are those!
Which makes her the incredibly charming, fun, tiring beloved Lily to compliment every day of our lives with your invention and frolic.
She loves to be at the center!
Love thus to stand in a show ring, her tail going constantly from what we are going to the show until we go home.
It is also the exhibitions you really seem to relax, the more life and movement that is around you, the better you feel.
When we were at a show so the judge has said-how lovely with a happy dog, some of them have found it difficult to get hold of your tail when they look at you and as soon as they let the waves you with it again.
It is only as you are, always cheerful and happy.
Love you!

In the summer of 2008, a small whirlwind came into my life
What a wonderful wonderful little girl.

Lily runs for no, she is absolutely fearless and curious about everything.

She is so soft and easy to teach as she has a tenacity, determination and energy that makes her challenges me all the time.

In Lily's world, there is no such thing unwind in the evening and take it easy.

When Lily notice that we are beginning to take the couch as she begins her game-show, she retrieves one by one of his toys, throwing them in the air, throwing over them throw it up again.
All this time in front of the TV, it's a Squeaky toys that present themselves a frantically chewing on it the more it sounds, the more she chews, Man, I love Lily-Villy at this time of day.


Lily is as I said, completely fearless, she loves to help clean.
The highlight is when the cleaner arrives when it is Christmas Eve for Lily whatsoever if she can get a pair while the vacuum cleaner, yes, she loves to be sucked dust.
It is even better when she got the door to the garage and can go loose in a trash bag.

I have again had a dog that loves to fetch firewood from the boiler room, she will not, however, that Diddi did and put them on me, but Lily has a penchant for interfering with them in my bed and chip them up into small chips,
So when mom tired to crawl down to sleep, she finds the whole bed full of wood chips, then Lily cheap, I promise!

Lily loves the outdoors, she may be out indefinitely and play with her favorite toy, a petflaska.

When I get home, pretty tired sometimes, after a working day to 16 pc pre-school children and meet Lily as the happy grins at me, yes she grins so the nose is like a raisin on her, so I think how lucky that I have your little Lily, who
would otherwise keep me at it tonight, because it makes Lily, she keeps her owner.

Spring 2009

Lily has clearly shown me that she has a track nose called being good enough, we have been a weekend of Lena, who are experts on changing tracks, etc. ....

She ran a session with Lily on APELL plan and then we went into the woods and laid two tracks.

Lily took them directly, she did not for some time.

On APELL plan had Lily a driver contact that was impressive, so now it's intermediate course for her and me and then I will probably start running people search with her.

This little powder packet will be a wonderful girl to work with.

Lily live life happy days, now that spring has finally come.
She loves to be out so now when the door is open from dawn to dusk, so Lilly is out there all day.
She is busy with yard work, she has taken the chore of digging for discounts so dizzy earth around the ears, the other day I was poking out the earth from the nostrils of her.
However, we are not quite agree on this with trädgårsarbetet, then also bulbs that will be in the border drawn up.

2010, Lily is now x-rayed and is ok, so if all paving the way it will salute mom next year.


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12.08 | 17:53

Har ni fortfarande en hanvalp kvar/Petra

17.11 | 08:09

Hej Åsa! Du är jättevälkommen att skriva ett mejl eller ringa mig så får vi presentera oss lite för varandra 😊
Kul att du är intresserad av en valp 😀

16.11 | 09:25


Vi vill ställa upp oss på valplistan 2020. Vi har haft vår Telma snart i 13 år.
Vi har alltid trivts med setter.

10.09 | 09:26

finns det valpar kvar / fanny

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